(Not So ) Beloved Anti-Christ

In 2018 Swedish Band Therion released a musical piece called “Beloved Antichrist ” ,based on the story” A Short Story of the Antichrist ” by Vladimir Solovyov ,it took the main characters that were archetypes of political and spiritual figures and placed them around 2050.Slilghty before that time a CME hits the Earth and all modern media delivered electronically goes with it.People must resort to the economic changes while reading books and putting on plays becomes culture.

The main figure to emerge is a President of Europe and his wife along with a mystic helper Apollonius rising along with the rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire along with a Pope.The figure of the President is a uniter of the populist type and soon makes enemies of the New administrative state.The work was no way intended on being a reflection on Trump but there were many parallels.

Hail Ceasar! And then 2020 happens with a metaphorical Corona Mass Ejection hits Earth with a Coronavirus, and while no electronic power was destroyed, the elites froze everything in place.Could it be that Trump was the Anti-Christ of the story. He is eventually defeated by basically revealing that he isn’t Jewish (in the story) and removed from office. Trump actually fits that story, but what of biblical Anti-Christ.

Enter a shocking twist to the story.

Justin Trudeau?Our boy band of World Leaders ,the son of Fidel ?

Wait he is born on Christmas holy Antichrist!And Jesse Jackson who was next to MLK when he was killed but spared because he would do more damage to black people alive than dead started PUSH that day.But what of that Thank You girl born on the same day?

Justin is No Angel 1999 is 666-1 upside down.

The guy is certainly trying as hard as he can to become the tyranny daddy always dreamed of and dividing the country in half was goal of both Christ and Antichrist, hey you get half I get half the twin brothers of Demiurge lunacy agreed upon. Darkness and Light I hip dude,Peace Love and Understanding.

Bring back the Beloved Antichrist, I don’t want to deal with this maple syrup zero calorie empty suit of a man.

Hey Mr Tesla can’t stand him, that’s electric!

As Above, So Below

So if you are in the mood for an outstanding album, that in time people will come to see as prophecy reserve about 3 hours and check him out.

Cthulhu Comes

We are now about to pass through the cosmic gate to the other side

The last 2 years or so has been spiritual warfare intensified to a cosmic whirlwind leading to the singularly point. It seems the Ukraine situation is that point as it is both happening and not happening (invasion) and this would be true in the alternative universe. But everyone with enough knowledge knows this is typical theater as the elites try to pull away from the pandemic-vaccine gambit that the trickster God pulled them into.But there is a big event happening on 22-Febuary ,the Pluto return of USA Declaration of Independence.

I suggest picking up this book by John Michael Greer ,should be an interesting post Brithday read.As 2022 contuines the Light of Lucifer lit to expose everything will be in full burning light.Normally this would lead to a catastrophic outcome, however in our universe the God of Death planted the seeds which will bear great fruit.

The preceding image is from a book I received a few days ago ,I had ordered it and it coming from Finland just arrived without any postal notification it was coming, the cover a reaper with the cold blade of The North ,then just a few minutes later a text appeared that came about from a simple marketing gimmick but still.

I turned the 2 images into a Current 218 prayer card ,as we enter the burning season of Walpurgis ,the Light of Lucifer will reveal Needlecraft truth and the people infected with Cthulhu Choronzon Covid (333) demons will begin the immolation process leading to our great future.

May the God of Death pass over you who found this and the wonderful peace of the New Dark Age be upon you.

Please never ever disavow Grandpa for any of his views, a curse upon anyone who does.

I being a Priest of The Dark Lord Lovecraft and passer through and returned from the Gate of the Great Old Ones.

Strange Happenings in the Psychosphere

So lately things be be out of tune in America,many events seem to be draining the energy out of the masses and history is repeating itself.Who would have thought that every cultist ears who have zeroed in like a dog-whistle on the news of the Yazidis tribe this week.What is interesting is that a nice synchronicity of the horror happened also.First we go back to 10 August 1964 ,to the semi-official begining of the long nightmare of Vietnam .
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution became effecitive and the use of armed forces was okayed.
The enemy was to become know as ‘Charlie ” to America fighting forces.This name came from the military aberration or the Veit Chong (Victor Charlie),and then on 10 August 1969 another Charlie,Charles Manson to be formal,make his mark on history.After a 2 day killing spree by some of his acolytes in California ,sometime after midnight on the tenth ,the term Helter Skelter was written across a refrigerator in blood.The night before ,a murder of a about to be famous actress shocked the nation.The killings started on 8 August and the next day 9 August ending after midnight on the 10th.Charlie’s basic idea to start a race war by blaming the whole thing on black people came from some twisted linking on Beatles songs.
Now we jump ahead to 10 August 2014
So in a poor little town near St Louis ,a police officer shot and killed a black youth leading to some riots and the usual race baiters and lawyers paratrooping in for their TV time.Micheal Brown was shot and killed on 9 August ,leading to the beginning of the riots on the 10th.Also a very famous actor (Robin Williams) ,died a shocking death in California on 11 August 2014.Iraq our Vietnam is raging and nerves are on edge.Time for a little tune how about a Beatles song live from Los Angeles ,Paul had never played it on 10 August until he played it in 2014 the day between Brown and William’s death.